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30-Aug-2017 04:07

A Web site needs to meet certain standards in order to be as least imperfect as possible.Since 1994, W3C has published more than 110 such standards, called W3C Recommendations.To validate, you must act on 1 of those 8 messages within 72 hours.If you specify 3 domain names, you will receive up to 24 messages.Organisations can also opt to download results, instead of receiving hard copies of individual Test Report Forms.

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The website is very user-friendly and I would recommend it to anyone who assesses English ability using IELTS.

ACM does not validate domain ownership for certificates that you import into ACM.

If you have trouble validating an ACM Certificate, see Troubleshoot Certificate Validation Problems.

If you think your organisation may already have access, but you are unsure who to ask, please contact us Option 1: Verify individual IELTS Test Report Forms The free, secure IELTS Results Verification Service allows organisations to quickly verify that an applicant is presenting a genuine Test Report Form by checking that the results you receive match the results held on the IELTS database.

Once you have registered for the IELTS Results Verification Service, you may then opt in to download IELTS results electronically instead of receiving hard copies of results.It can be extremely affordable and the monthly cost is only around a month!